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Modern Day Valkyrie

Bath Soak Salts ~ Enchanted Meadow

Bath Soak Salts ~ Enchanted Meadow

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Indulge in a bath where you can escape to the forest. Upon your walk you discover a hidden meadow, full of wildflowers and beautiful little beings - both plant, insect, and animal. You lay down in the middle of the welcoming space and doze in the late morning sun. Butterflies flit around you, and curious little fawns creep up to you. They decide to nap too, a few yards away. 

You feel a gentle breeze as this enchanted space holds you, easing away any fears or worries.


We handcrafted this bath soak salt in the hopes it will take you to this place. Our ingredients are carefully chosen, organic, vegan and anticruelty based. Epsom salts and pink Himalayan salts ease any aches or pains, and help relax tightened muscles from the strains of the day. Geranium, Palmarosa, and Vetiver essential oils give an earthy yet uplifting scent that activates your parasympathetic nervous system also known as your  'rest and digest' system so your body feels grounded - in it's home and your mind can relax feeling safe. Sweet almond oil binds it all together softening skin. Dried wildflowers, spearmint and jasmine flowers offer the wisdom of nature and complete the ultimate relaxation experience.


To use: Pour directly into bath or use the tea bags so that the plant material doesn't go down your drain. Do not ingest or take internally. Not for children. If worried about possible reactions to essential oils consult your doctor. 


Contents: 45 ml


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